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Virgo New Moon Ritual: Focused Relaxation

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Because the Sept. 1 New Moon (2:03 a.m. PDT) is also a solar eclipse and engages with the final Saturn-Neptune square, we’ll need our wits about us to stay focused and use these energies wisely. Yet this New Moon brings a strong potential to commit to a path of service or improve your health and habit patterns. To activate the Health gua at the center of your home, perform this centering ritual near the New Moon.

You will need: Sage leaves or packaged sage tea, a yellow candle, lavender essential oil, relaxing music.

First, make sure your Health gua has been thoroughly cleansed and prepared. Then, boil water, pour it over the tea and let it steep while you do the relaxation exercise. Place the cup in your Health gua, and light the yellow candle. Then, put on your relaxing music and position yourself comfortably in a prone position on a couch, bed or the floor. Anoint your upper lip with lavender oil so you can inhale its relaxing qualities.

Give yourself about ten minutes for this simple but amazingly powerful process. Take a few deep breaths, then direct your attention to your feet. Hold your focus there briefly while you feel your feet relax. Then, as you move upward, do the same for each body part, in this order: Ankles, calves, thighs, pelvis and belly, lower back, middle back, upper back and chest, back of the neck, back of the head, top of the head, forehead, eyes and behind the eyes, nose, mouth and jaw, tongue, throat and behind the throat, tops of the shoulders, upper arms, lower arms, hands. Continue breathing deeply and slowly throughout this exercise.

When you have finished, rise slowly and take your cup of tea. Sit in or near the Health gua, and think about your New Moon intentions for greater health, relaxation or work fulfillment as you sip your tea. Gaze at the candle as you meditate on the improvements you wish to make. You may also write your intentions down, and place them near the candle. Repeat the focused relaxation process any time you feel stressed. Doing this practice for even five minutes can make a big difference for your health and well being.

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